Saint Martin Students Complete Corporate Work Study Program

In September, we welcomed four students from Saint Marin de Porres High School to the Fleet Response team as part of a corporate work study program.

Saint Martin partners with local organizations to expose students to career and post-graduation pathways, engages them with adult professionals and empowers them with the skills of confidence, passion, and faith to achieve life-long success.

Every student at Saint Martin participates in the corporate work study program from the time they come in as freshman to the time they finish their senior year. This past school year, about 400 Saint Martin students worked at several organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Fleet Response was one of the 120 local companies to participate in the work study program.  To see the full list of organizations involved in this program, click here.

The students worked primarily in the call center department, doing email claims for clients, tow follow ups, and ensuring vehicle drop off. “We tailored their work to what they wanted to do and what they wanted to learn,” said Call Center Supervisor, Colleen Dietrich. “In the Call Center, they got to see the side of the phones calls, rentals, invoicing, and tows. Each student is different in their learning and what they like, so we had conversations with them to see what work is more appealing to them and what they would enjoy doing,” explained Dietrich.

In May, these four Saint Martin students, Kierra (senior), Chris (junior), Ramilia (sophomore), and Jamelah (freshman) gave their final presentation to Fleet Response employees to conclude the program. In the presentation, the students described the work they did, their overall experience during their time with Fleet Response, and how this program will benefit their professional development.

When asked how Fleet Response contributed to the success of the students, Dietrich said, “I think the training and accountability played a big factor in their success. We still held them to the same standard as other employees regarding expectations, deadlines, etc. The firsthand insight into a company is extremely beneficial to elevate them after high school and the experience is a good ice breaker to go into the adult world.”

Saint Martin Senior, Kierra, feels that her experience has been very beneficial in preparing her for a full-time job. “I think this job has prepared me for future jobs much more than any of my other work study sites. In a way it does feel as if I actually work here. I was never micromanaged or had constant supervision. I had a job to do and I scheduled my day accordingly,” said Kierra.

One thing that stood out to the students was the friendly environment at Fleet Response. “The environment at fleet response was warm and welcoming. I felt included and cared about by the other employees around me,” said Sophomore, Ramilia.

Kierra agreed and said, “I think what I most enjoy about being here is the environment. Usually, I don’t enjoy office jobs because of the flat work and the silence around me. But at Fleet Response, it feels like the other employees here truly enjoy interacting with me.”

Saint Martin Junior, Chris said, “My overall experience at Fleet Response was great. All of the employees were welcoming and always willing to lend a helping hand. I believe my time with Fleet Response has helped me improve my time management skills and become more comfortable working in an office setting.”

Dietrich has high hopes for continuing this program in the upcoming school year. “We would love to do it next year. I took a lot away from this year and want to improve on the program next year. The program is amazing, and I think it’s awesome that Saint Martin de Porres can tailor to each student and give them the option to get experience at a company in a field or industry that they’re interested in,” said Dietrich.

We are so grateful to be involved in this incredible program and help prepare these students for success in their future careers. We hope to continue our partnership with Saint Martin de Porres and continue to help develop the youth of our local community.