MVR Monitoring Program

Fleet Response offers an automated, comprehensive safety monitoring program that includes electronic motor vehicle records (MVR) and driver risk profiling.

Driver Risk Profile Services: Fleet Response uses a customizable, consistent point system to classify drivers into standard risk levels including clear, low, medium and high.  These points and risk level thresholds are customized based upon your company policy.


  • Electronic process assigned to all drivers to obtain baseline MVRs
  • Drivers without recent violations will automatically have an MVR run on an annual basis
  • Points are assigned to MVR violations based on company policy, which normalizes the points and creates a consistent number of points across different states
  • Additional per-driver, per-month monitoring enrollment fee
  • 24/7 real-time access to all employee information through Fleet Response VISIBILITY, our web-based password protected-program, for an unlimited number of administrative users 
  • Automated notifications immediately identify an increase in a driver’s risk level



  • Save time reviewing individual MVRs
  • Instant notification of new violations and invalid license status
  • A dedicated safety support team to work directly with your administrators



We offer MVR monitoring in all states, except where unavailable. For the US States & Canadian Provinces where it is not offered, Fleet Response offers an automated solution to help your team to provide a consistent MVR policy across all drivers in your organization. Contact us to get the specific state coverage for your company’s fleet.