Fleet Response’s typical work flow is comprehensive, professional, and continually monitored for quality and effectiveness. Operating for more than two decades, we have learned the value of continual monitoring and tailoring our processes to maximize efficiency. Each of our many processes is fully mapped out, reviewed, and validated to ensure that we can handle each file quickly and comprehensively with no effort expended on extraneous matters.

Client Reimbursement

Fleet Response has established a comprehensive process to ensure the fast and accurate reimbursement of funds to our clients following our successful collection. At the client’s discretion, we are able to disburse funds weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We can disburse these funds net of our fees or bill our fees on a separate invoice. Each check includes a detailed report of file activity and status.


We measure efficiency on three levels: individually, by department, and at the corporate level. Our efficiency measurements are tracked on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and are reported by file type.

Success Metrics

  • Recovered dollars vs. total dollar potential
  • Win ratio
  • Files handled
  • Files closed
  • File cycle time
  • Panelist comment
  • Client audit performance

Our successes in these areas exceed industry benchmarks and typically improve upon our clients’ comparative in-house efforts. As a result, Fleet Response is one of the leading outsourced subrogation firms in the industry. Our competitive advantages create real value for our clients on a daily basis.