Fleet Response is proud to recognize the graduates of the 2024 Leadership Education and Development (LEaD) Program. This year’s group includes:

  • Joe Abate
  • Amber Bolognese
  • Matt Blatnick
  • Blanca Bucheli
  • Phil Gasser
  • Kayla Leonard
  • Joe Maiher
  • Arianna Schiavone
  • Sean Zajaczkowski
  • Silvia Vega
  • Kylie Weaver
  • Devin Wiles


These twelve individuals have successfully completed an intensive program designed to cultivate essential leadership skills and enhance professional growth.

A Revamped Start to the Program

This year, the LEaD Program began with an exciting change: the team hosted Customer Service Week as their first project. Traditionally held mid-program or at the end, this early project encouraged immediate collaboration and team bonding. Despite initial skepticism, this approach proved to be a catalyst for the participants to quickly get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie from the outset.

Comprehensive Leadership Modules

The LEaD Program, established in 2018, aims to nurture leadership capabilities and support Fleet Response’s mission of providing best-in-class services. The curriculum for this year’s program included the following modules:

  • Time Management/Delegation
  • Coaching/Feedback/Interviewing Skills
  • Relationship Building/Communication
  • Our Brand/Professional Presence
  • Managing Results/Change Management/Critical Thinking
  • Presentation Skills/Business Reviews
  • Finance & Risk Management

Notably, the addition of Business Reviews to the modules was a direct response to feedback from the previous year’s participants. This inclusion ensures that the program remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of its future leaders.

The Journey and the Achievement

Throughout the program, participants engaged in diverse activities aimed at enhancing their leadership capabilities. From mastering time management and delegation to honing their presentation skills, the graduates have demonstrated remarkable growth and commitment.

Noel Donato, LEaD Program Coordinator, shared her thoughts on this year’s graduates: “This group has shown exceptional dedication and resilience. Their ability to collaborate and adapt to new challenges has been truly inspiring. I am confident they will continue to excel and make significant contributions to Fleet Response.”

“The LEaD Program is about more than just developing skills; it’s about fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and leadership,” stated Zak Etela, LEaD Program Coordinator. “ Seeing how this group has embraced this philosophy has been incredibly rewarding.”

As they step forward, these new graduates are well-equipped to lead with confidence, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their journey through the LEaD Program has not only prepared them for leadership roles within Fleet Response but also empowered them to make significant contributions to the industry as a whole.

Looking Ahead

Fleet Response remains dedicated to the continuous development of its team members. By integrating feedback and refining the LEaD Program each year, we ensure that our leaders are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Congratulations to all the graduates of the 2024 LEaD Program—your hard work and dedication are truly commendable.

We look forward to witnessing the incredible impact you will undoubtedly have in your future endeavors.

Join Our Growing Team

At Fleet Response, we are committed to fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence. Our LEaD Program is just one of the many opportunities we offer to help you develop your career and achieve your full potential. If you’re looking to join a dynamic and supportive team that values continuous improvement and leadership development, we invite you to explore our career opportunities.

Be a part of our ever-growing team and experience the rewarding journey of professional growth and development with Fleet Response. Together, we can achieve great things. Visit our careers page to learn more and apply today!