Empowering Play: Diversity Committee’s Drive for an Inclusive Playground

Fleet Response is dedicated to giving back to the community where we operate through enduring partnerships and community-driven initiatives. This mission provides the rationale behind the Diversity and Inclusion Committee‘s selection of a local organization in Hudson, Ohio. Angela Skuza, committee chair, elaborated, “We invited all committee members to propose charities for collaboration, followed by a vote. The majority favored supporting the Hudson Inclusive Playground. It’s exciting for the committee to endorse a charity so closely linked to our workplace, directly benefiting our community.”

The mission of the Hudson Inclusive Playground is to establish an inclusive and accessible playground environment where children of all abilities can engage in play together seamlessly. The organization focuses on incorporating equipment that caters to diverse disabilities and ensures durability for universal use. Their aim is to revamp Middleton Park into a multisensory movement playground that fosters cooperative play. The organization is pioneering in Summit County by fully integrating the seven principles of Inclusive Playground Design, which include fairness, inclusivity, intelligence, independence, safety, activity, and caution.

Throughout the month of May, the D&I committee organized a weekly 50/50 raffle to generate funds for this initiative. The raffle garnered significant enthusiasm from our employees. In the initial week, the committee nearly reached the $500.00 mark. The primary objective of this raffle is to “promote and support a charity that directly aligns with the goals of our D&I program, and to provide financial assistance to a remarkable initiative,” said Skuza.

As the D&I Committee continued its efforts to raise funds for the Hudson Inclusive Playground, all employees eagerly anticipated witnessing the total amount they would be able to contribute. At the end of the fundraiser, our dedicated employees successfully raised a remarkable total of $2,295! Of this impressive amount, $1,147.50 came from employee-only donations, showcasing our team’s commitment and generosity. We are thrilled to announce that Fleet Response will be matching this donation dollar for dollar, bringing the combined total to $2,295. All proceeds will support the wonderful initiative of the Hudson Inclusive Playground, helping to create a welcoming and accessible play space for children of all abilities. For more information click here, Hudson Inclusive Playground.