Fleet Response Hosts Wellness Week for Employees

As the winter months approach us, it’s a better time than ever to focus on our health and wellbeing. Many companies hold wellness days, but sometimes just one day is not enough. We greatly value our employees and their overall health, that’s why we’ve dedicated a whole week to focusing on wellness. The wellness week was held November 6th through November 10th, and included various activities, challenges, healthy lunches, resources, and incentives for employees to participate in.

Throughout the week, employees participated in the self-care challenge by incorporating some small but mighty self-care tasks into their day. Some of the tasks included taking a break from social media, meditate for 10 minutes, stretch, write in a journal, watch the sunrise or sunset, compliment someone else, and many more beneficial self-care tasks. Each task completed earned the employee an entry into a raffle to win a smart watch of their choice!

Throughout the week, various resources on mental health were shared, including three TED talk videos focused on self-care and the importance of taking care of your mental and physical health. Not only did these resources provide insight and motivation for employees, but also acted as a channel for employees to share their experiences, and their colleagues know that they are not alone.


In alignment with our goal of providing employees with the tools and resources needed to be the healthiest they can be, we offered free biometric screenings and flu shots to all of our employees. The biometric screenings establish a baseline to help individuals test their risk for various health issues.

“Caring about each other extends beyond the workplace to overall health and wellness,” said Fleet Response President, Allison Lanzilotta. “That is why we set aside a week each year to focus on this topic and educate our employees on tools available to them that can help them on their individual journey. We will continue to make the overall health and wellness of our employees a priority.”