Fleet Response Kicks Off Quarterly Charity Challenges with a Penny War

In 2022, Fleet Response introduced Philanthropy Spotlight, a series in which we share information and resources on local charities and non-profit organizations that we partner with. Each month, a different organization is featured on The Communicator, our internal communication channel, with the goal of providing employees insight on our philanthropic partnerships. Philanthropy Spotlight shares a brief history of the organization, information on Fleet Response’s partnership, and ways employees can get involved.

This year, in connection with that series, we are offering quarterly charity challenges to give employees the opportunity to give back to some of our philanthropic partners. Our first-quarter charity challenge was a penny war to raise money for the ALS Association. Established in 1985, the ALS Association builds hope and enhances the quality of life for people living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure. Fleet Response has supported the ALS Association for several years, holding various fundraisers, and participating in The Walk to Defeat ALS on numerous occasions.

A penny war is a fundraising competition, consisting of two or more teams, each with their own collection jar. Our employees were divided into two teams: Team Red (California office, Subrogation, Sales, and Executives) and Team Black (Accounting, Business Development, Call Center, Claims, IT, Maintenance, and Adjusters). Employees gained points for their team by donating pennies or dollar bills to their respective jar. Employees could also subtract points from the opposing team by adding silver coins to the opposing team’s jar. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

Online methods of payment were also accepted to ensure the inclusion of our hybrid and remote employees. Additionally, our California office participated as members of the red team.

During just one week of collecting, Team Red took the lead with 21,558 points. Team Black came in at 9,716 points. In total, our employees raised $480.54. Thanks to Fleet Response matching that donation, we raised a total of $961.08 to support the ALS Association.

“The penny war was a fantastic way to both involve our employees and support the ALS Association,” said Fleet Response President, Allison Lanzilotta. “We are so grateful for our employee’s generosity, and we look forward to supporting more local organizations through charity challenges.”

Stay tuned for our second-quarter charity challenge!