Joanne Renner Selected as Employee of the Month for October 2022

Fleet Response is proud to announce Joanne Renner, Claims Specialist, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for October 2022.

Joanne has been with Fleet Response for 9 years and has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise in the claims department. She is known for her clear communication and ability to better those around her. Joanne was selected as employee of the month in July of 2015, making this her second time being recognized for this award.

One colleague said, “She is always willing to lend a helping hand, weather it is another claim representative, a call center representative, or a new team member.”

“She truly cares about the work that she does and makes sure it is done the correct way. I once heard an intern say, ‘I love Joanne’s claim notes, she is always so clear and concise,’” another nomination read.

A new team member said, “I am new and still learning, and Joanne is always there to teach me something new and help me learn from my mistakes. She is always looking to make those around her better.”

We are thankful to have Joanne on our team. Her hard work and attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Congratulations Joanne and thank you for all that you do!