Andrew Stark Selected as Employee of the Month for April 2022

Fleet Response is proud to announce Andrew Stark, Call Center Representative, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for April 2022.  Andrew has been with the company for nearly 2 years and since day one, has proven to be a vital member of his team.

Andrew’s uplifting attitude, knowledge, and efficiency is what makes him standout to those around him.  He continues to provide invaluable assistance to his colleagues and displays the utmost respect and compassion to those he works with internally and externally.

“Andrew goes above and beyond his job expectations to make sure the callers needs are met,” one nomination read.  “He has a great sense of humor and is ready to help his co-workers at a drop of a dime,” they went on to say.

Another team member stated, “He is someone anyone can lean on, and will always reach out and ask if anyone needs help.  It’s nice to see his continued growth within our department.”

It’s clear that Andrew’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm have a positive impact on his entire team, and his efforts are admired.

Congratulations Andrew, and thanks, for all you do!