The Art of Community Collaboration: Hudson High School Students Create Artwork for Fleet Response HQ

Fleet Response is continually committed to working with the community where we live and work through long-lasting partnerships and community-based delivery. This can be seen through our latest partnership with Hudson High School and four of their students creating canvases to displayed in the newly built office space.

Julie Mawaka, Fleet Response representative, reached out to the high school’s art teacher, Carolyn Huber, about the opportunity for her students to create art for the company’s new office space.

The students creating the artwork chose to be part of this collaboration as part of their National Honor Society volunteer hours. Each student was given their own 24×36 canvas and given the simple direction to make a guitar. Students were given minimal guidelines and able choose their mediums, style, and own visual concept.

The four students creating the canvases are seniors Megan Zhao and Kathryn Palmieri, along with sophomores Evian Czirok and Audra Lozina. To read more about the students click here.

Zhao is excited to participate in this collaboration, “I’m excited about receiving a straightforward prompt and getting to be creative with it.” Lozina also eager for this collaboration, said,  “I’m looking to use my talents for art in the community and be able to create something to make people smile.”

The students’ artwork will be displayed in the second-floor kitchen area of the new Hudson headquarters, called the Rock Hall. Before moving to our headquarters, our previous Rock Hall featured guitars and music artwork which made it a very memorable space in our previous office.

With our new HQ, we wanted to recreate the Rock Hall by displaying some of the same artwork used previously but also adding pieces of the Hudson community through this collaboration.

“These four students totally get what we’re trying to do, and they’re excited to come up with really innovative, cool art that really fits the Rock Hall space,” Mawaka said.

Representatives from Fleet Response met with students at the beginning of February to meet the students, deliver the canvases and talk about the project. For most of the students, this is the first-time artwork will be displayed outside of their home and school.

“I am excited to be working on a piece of art for Fleet Response because I love doing art and I have never had my art displayed before,” said Czirok.

Palmieri also was very excited to display her artwork at the HQ, “I have never made such a big painting before, and it is very cool to have my art displayed outside of my home and school.”

The goal of this collaboration is that artwork is to be completed by end of April, and for the students to reveal their final artwork during school to Fleet Response Executive Team members and streamed live for employees to see as well. Stay tuned on our social media to see updates as the blank canvases start to turn into amazing pieces of art and don’t miss the LIVE reveal May 4th!