Angela Skuza Selected as Employee of the Month for October 2021

Fleet Response is proud to announce Angela Skuza as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for October.

Angela has been with Fleet Response for a little over 6 years and started with Fleet Response in the Development Business Coordinator role. She is currently the Manager of Special Projects; with her most recent special project was building our new headquarters.

Over the past year, Angela has been the project manager of our new campus in Hudson. This was a huge responsibility which entailed many details, working with numerous vendors, and navigating changes while still handling employee engagement tasks.

“Angela continues to be successful in completing new and different tasks for us as a company and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges – like building a building,” said a co-worker. “She is a task master that pays close attention to all detail. She has worked tirelessly to make sure that our employees have a great new “home” and I’m very proud that she is on our team.”

Angela has a true commitment to quality that shines through everything she does. It does not happen without hard work and we at Fleet Response are so lucky to have her on our team.

“Angela is always helpful and willing to help,” said a co-worker. “Often, her work is behind the scenes and isn’t noticed until the event or project is implemented.”

She knew from the very beginning that Fleet Response was a special company. “One of the first events I planned for Fleet Response was the first ever Ron & Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony. I realized while Ron Mawaka Sr. began talking during the ceremony that this company was not like every other company, they truly value their employees and will do whatever they can to recognize them,” said Skuza.

When asked about her best day at work she recalls the 2016 Client Event. “Our clients truly got to experience what Cleveland is all about. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship, our client guests were staying at the 9, with the rooftop rented on the same day of the championship parade.”

Angela is most proud to work at Fleet Response because of the culture, the atmosphere, and the vibe. “It’s what makes Fleet Response unique and makes me proud to be a part of creating and maintaining that.”

When not working, Angela loves to plan parties (beyond her normal day job). “Planning a small dinner party, my kids’ birthday parties, a summer BBQ, and anything in between. I will turn any occasion into a reason to celebrate with family and friends!”

Angela’s approach to exemplary work is second to none. Much of our success is due to her dedication, skill, and hard work. We appreciate your time and all the things you do to keep everything running smoothly. Congratulations Angela and thank you!