Our Fleet Response Intern Experience- Summer of 2021

Over the summer, Fleet Response welcomed our largest class of interns to our team. This post comes from Nick Singer one of our interns and a third-year marketing major at Kent State University. Read on for just some of the highlights of the internship program.

Interns from left to right: Nick Singer, Bill Keller, Peyton Miller, Jacquie DeRue, Allison Katitus, Camryn Tonozzi

This summer, the interns were all assigned different projects and tasks that were very meaningful to Fleet Response’s operations of business. We worked in all different departments of Fleet Response as well. We worked in claims, subrogation, maintenance, marketing, accounting, as well as IT. We completed partner projects where we helped Fleet Response find a new holiday decorating vendor, a new third party maintenance company, and helped design a philanthropy wall for the new corporate headquarters. We met with different Fleet Response managers every Wednesday to discuss their department, the work they do, and valuable lessons to become more successful in the business field.  Our internship this summer gave us the experience we needed to get started and find what we want in our future careers. This is what the interns had to say about the summer:

Nick Singer, Marketing Major, Senior at Kent State University

Interning at Fleet Response was a very great experience/I learned so much that I will take with me in my future business endeavors. I learned time/project management skills, customer service skills, collaboration/teamwork skills, problem solving skills, and many others. Fleet Response provided me the feedback I needed to improve in all different areas and helped me become a better employee than when I first started here. I want to say thank you to Fleet Response for the amazing opportunity and that I will never take this experience for granted. I am very happy that interning at Fleet Response helped me become a better version of myself!

Bill Keller, Marketing Major, Senior at Mount Union University

“My internship experience has exceeded my expectations. Over the course of the last 2 and a half months, I have made many new connections and had the opportunity to work with some great people. I was able to work on several meaningful projects that contribute directly to the company’s success. As a result of this internship program, I have developed skills that will create a path to success for my future career plans. My communication skills, organization, time management, and confidence have all been positively impacted from working at Fleet Response. I’m very grateful for Fleet Response for giving me this opportunity to better myself and grow as an individual.”

Peyton Miller, Accounting Major, Junior at Ohio State University

“My internship experience this summer was great! I had the opportunity to work in the Accounting and IT departments which was an amazing learning experience for me because I am majoring in accounting. I was also tasked with completing several projects over the course of the summer (group and individual projects). Although this was my second-year interning with Fleet Response, I still had the opportunity to learn more about the different departments of the company and the company culture that is embodied throughout the office. I will surely use what I learned this summer at Fleet Response in my future career.”

Jacquie DeRue, Business Management Major, Senior at Cleveland State University

“My summer intern experience at Fleet Response has been one to remember. Whether it be working in the maintenance department, where I made follow up calls and entered certificates of insurance into the claims system, or in subrogation where I checked the status of demands and obtained missing invoices, there was always something to learn. Fleet Response offered me the opportunity to gain insight on my future and career path, which is exactly what I was hoping to gain. I learned invaluable lessons on communication, time and project management, and collaboration. I also learned a lot about myself and most importantly, was able to build connections with those that I worked with ,  I want to thank everyone that I worked with here over the last few months, their passion, dedication, and patience has not gone unnoticed.”

Allison Katitus, Business Major, Sophomore at Ohio State University.

“This summer, I’ve worked in both subrogation and claims departments. I’ve learned so much through both, but have also learned intangible skills—communication, project management, office culture, the importance of both internal and external customer service—skills that I will not only carry with me throughout my education, but my future career as well. I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet new people who are so passionate about their part in this company as well as getting closer to the other interns. I am incredibly grateful for this experience that has not only given me more responsibility but has pushed me to grow along the way.”

Camryn Tonozzi, Psychology Major, Senior at Miami University (Oxford)

“My experience at Fleet Response has taught me better prioritization skills, how to improve my task management skills, and I learned that mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them. I have been beyond pleased with my experience here and the people have been extremely helpful and friendly. I truly enjoyed my experience and would encourage those I know that are younger than I am to consider applying in upcoming years. It has been the most fulfilling (work-filled) summer I have had so far, and I am going to be very sad on our last day here!”


We all enjoyed this unique experience at Fleet Response where there is such a close-knit, family environment which made it much easier to feel comfortable and welcomed with open arms. We couldn’t have asked to be introduced to a more friendly business setting then it is here, and we want to thank everyone who helped us improve our professional skills that we will all take with us in our future employment. Thank you, Fleet Response!

We extend our gratitude to our interns for their support and wish them the best of luck as they return to their schools for the fall semester!