Luke Paulus Selected as Employee of the Month for June 2021

Fleet Response is proud to announce Luke Paulus as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for June.

Luke currently works as a claims adjuster and has been with Fleet Response since December of 2006. During his time here, he has held other positions such as call center representative, and maintenance representative.

When asked what moment he knew he had made the right decision to work at Fleet Response, Luke said, “Twice I’ve been tapped on the shoulder and offered positions in the company that I’m well suited for by a supervisor that wasn’t yet mine.  Stuart Braun noticed that I had potential to better service our customers as both a Maintenance Rep, and then later as a Claims Adjuster. It was nice to see that a manager here is able to recognize and utilize the staff on hand and promote from within.”

“Luke not only excels at his primary role as an adjuster but excels at his additional responsibilities of trainer. In the last 6 months, Luke has trained and assisted in onboarding two new adjusters to the team, while maintaining an excellent work product. He is a true asset to his team and the company”, said a co-worker.

When asked what his best day of work was, Luke recalled the company Christmas party just days after he began working here. “I was fed a delicious steak dinner and given a bonus. I was completely unaware that would happen and did not expect it. I had not experienced anything like that with previous employers.  It was a great introduction to the culture of the company.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming.”

Something Fleet Response co-workers may not know about Luke is his passion for cars. “Not only do I have a professional interest in vehicles, I also am very much a car guy. Very little holds my interest as much as automobiles.”

In his free time, Luke enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and wrenching on his vehicles.

Congrats Luke and thank you for all you do!