Danylo Zadony Selected as Employee of the Month for April 2021

Fleet Response is proud to announce Danylo Zadony as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for April.

Danylo currently works as the Manager of Information Technology. Over the course of 15 years with Fleet Response, he has held positions such as Developer, IT Project Coordinator, Manager of Application Development.

When asked what was the moment, he knew he made the right decision to work here? Danylo replied with, “I am routinely reminded weekly how lucky I am to be a part of Fleet Response.”

In March of 2020, Danylo and his team worked hard to allow all employees to work from home to ensure everyone and their family remained safe during COVID-19.

He is most proud of how they handled operations throughout the pandemic.  “There were many opportunities to make large changes which otherwise without such a disruption would have been considered too inconvenient,” said Danylo. “We made the most of such a difficult period for all.”

As employees were set to return into the office, Danylo and his team were called upon again to set up the workstations and ensure a safe environment for all to come back and be able to work.

A co-worker said, “He worked many hours preparing the office for our teams to come back and has a job that requires countless late nights when there are server updates or computer outages. Many times, his work goes unnoticed because it’s putting out fires.”

When asked what his best day at work was, Danylo said the one that stands out was the initial launch of DHP.  “The day it went live, we had a mini party with the developers and executives and the sense of achievement was sky-high.”

Something Fleet Response co-workers may not know about Danylo is that his wife and him know a lot about aquatics. Danylo, says way too much! “I’m the president of a swim league and team, while my wife operates and manages a public pool.”

In his free time, he enjoys being a football coach for his son’s football teams.  “I still love throwing routes for hours and hours.”

Congratulations Danylo and thank you for all you do!