Joe Rogel Selected as Employee of the Month for January 2021

Fleet Response is proud to announce Joe Rogel as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for January.

“It’s so nice to work for a company that so actively wants to recognize their employees for hard work, and it means so much that it comes from recognition by your peers,” said Joe.

Working at Fleet Response for a little over a year, Joe works as a Subrogation Specialist.

“He is knowledgeable and well-versed in nearly every aspect of the claims, subrogation and arbitration world,” said a co-worker.  “Joe is a great leader and always willing to assist his team.”

“Joe makes every day at Fleet Response, a great one. He helps his team with everything, always willing to jump in on a project when needed,” said another coworker. “He can always answer my questions and is available to help navigate through more difficult claims.”

When asked what is something that you can only see at Fleet Response, Joe responded that seeing your CEO walking around greeting everyone by name and actually having a conversation.

Joe is most proud to work at Fleet Response because of the people! “I’ve always been very lucky to work with great people and Fleet Response is certainly no exception.  They truly value each other, help each other and work to make each other better”.

When asked what something her Fleet Response co-workers may not know about him, Joe said, “when I was kid and Sea World was still around, I actually got to sit on Shamu.  There is actually a nice picture of that somewhere.”

In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his two boys, Charlie and Henry.  His family has farm land in Trumbull County. “It’s nice to spend time out there, fishing and camping, plus there’s some animals to play with,” said Joe. “I also enjoy golfing on occasion, though not very well and I guess you could also say I am a craft beer enthusiast.”

Congratulations Joe and thank you for all you do!