Kelly Medcalf earns the Employee of the Month award for November 2020

Fleet Response is proud to announce Kelly Medcalf as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for November.

Working at Fleet Response for four years, Kelly works as a Claims Representative.

“She has such a positive energy about her, even during these hard times, and is always everyone’s biggest cheerleader. She genuinely cares about Fleet Response and all of her coworkers,” said a co-worker.  “Her efforts are truly noticed by her whole team, as they all agree she is an instrumental part of their success and note her as being their behind-the-scenes magic, who they would be lost without.”

Kelly describes her best day at work when she received an email from a client letting her know that she was doing a great job, and how much they enjoyed working with her.

“Completing the LEaD program and being a committee member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee are two things I am most proud of at Fleet Response,” Kelly said.

When asked what something her Fleet Response co-workers may not know about her, Kelly replied, “I am love to cook and workout. I am a grandmother and huge supporter of multiple sclerosis.”

In her free time, Kelly enjoys watching sports, cooking, and drinking wine!

Congratulations Kelly and thank you for all you do!