Fleet Response is proud to announce Courtney Czir as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for September

Courtney joined Fleet Response in May of 2018 as 3rd party Claim Rep and Inbound subrogation.  Then in October of 2019, she joined the Adjusters team full time in October 2019 on a full-time basis. Joining the Adjusters team, she attributes is as one of her best days at Fleet Response. “When I was offered the position in this group, I was very excited to start this new journey at Fleet Response and to get back into the estimating and repair management side of things.”

Recently, Courtney has been splitting part of her day between the Adjusters group and the 3rd party team to help stream the workload. “Courtney has maintained a great attitude, while performing at a high level,” said a coworker. “She continues to go above and beyond to ensure clients, internally and are externally handled with care and empathy.”

Courtney received multiple nominations for this peer nominated award. Another coworker said, “Her attitude is that of a total team player. She approaches all of her work accurately and with a client first approach”.

There was a consistent theme in her nominations, and that is what a valuable asset Courtney is to their individual teams, as well as our organization.

To better understand her day, we asked what her morning routine looks like. Courtney said she starts every morning by getting her workload in order. “I prioritize any e-mails or voicemails that I received the night before, see what kind of estimate reviews I have pending, and then check how many reviews my teammates have pending. After I have my plan put together, I put on a playlist from my Spotify account, sip my coffee, and get to it.”

When asked what the moment was, she knew she made the right decision to work at Fleet Response, Courtney referred to our “Breakfast with Scott”, where newer hires are invited to have breakfast and talk with our CEO, Scott Mawaka. One thing that stood out to Courtney in this breakfast. She said, “Scott took the time to go around the room and find out about each one of us– where we grew up, where we worked before, etc. That really showed how much he genuinely cares about his employees.”

“It’s amazing how Fleet Response has been able to maintain the “family” atmosphere, with all the recent growth we’ve experienced,” Courtney replied when asked what makes her most proud to work at Fleet Response. “In our organization, I have the ability to make an impact with everything I do. Not only in my department, but with others and throughout the company.”

We asked Courtney what is one thing that can only happen at Fleet Response, and she replied, “I still remember when Scott and the Executive Leadership Team made and served us pancakes one morning. I highly doubt that an employee at any other company can say that.”

Something her Fleet Response coworkers may not know about Courtney, is that she was married on Halloween!

Congratulations Courtney and thank you for all you do!