Mary Moore earns the Employee of the Month award for May 2020

Fleet Response is proud to announce Mary Moore as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for May.

Working at Fleet Response for 17 years, Mary works as the Subrogation Administrative Assistant. Mary started off with the company in a part-time position, in which she handled mailings, answering phones for the front desk, and reporting claims. Through the years, her role in subrogation claims reporting has tripled as the result of company growth.

“Throughout my 17 years with Fleet Response, I have always felt part of the team.” Moore commented, “Everyone has always treated me great!!!”

Mary’s coworkers feel the same way about her. She received multiple nominations for this peer nominated award.

One co-worker said, “Our department has always relied on Mary, but even more so since we are back in the office. She is now printing & mailing everyone’s mail. Mary always goes above and beyond, if I need help with something, I know Mary will be there. Her knowledge of insurance companies is vast, and she can spot an insurance company from the policy #. It’s incredible! Mary has been at Fleet for 17 years and still puts forth her best effort every single day. She is the best.”

In all the nominations, it was apparent that Mary isn’t afraid to go above and beyond and help in whatever is asked. “Mary is always willing to help out when needed. She is always prompt with responding to emails and always puts a smile on my face through our emails. Mary is a ray of sunshine. She takes on responsibilities in the office while we are working from home at this time.”

“Always willing to go that extra mile to get the claim filed with adverse carrier on a claim. Her knowledge of insurance companies and policy numbers is amazing. She is the sweetest, funniest, most supportive person. She is simply a rock star all around,” said another coworker.
When asked what her best day at Fleet Response would be, Mary said, “Every day I work and sit around some wonderful people, who keep me grounded and make me laugh. They are always there for me.”

“I’ve worked for a few companies. Fleet Response has been the most generous, caring company I ever worked for, and that has to do with the people,” Mary added.

When she is not working, Mary enjoys walking, riding bikes, and she loves sports, especially basketball.

Congratulations Mary, and thanks, for all you do!