Fleet Response Announces Internal Promotions

At Fleet Response, we take pride in establishing opportunity, integrity, and excellence in each and every one of our employees. We are committed to operating on our founding principles of quality and innovation with a culture that focuses on employee growth and development.

Fleet Response is proud to announce the promotions of four employees in recognition of their growth and contributions to our organization. Rick Jacko to Adjuster Supervisor, Zak Etela to Claims Supervisor, Jessica Jeko to Claims Supervisor, and Matthew Nycz to Subrogation Supervisor. These individuals have exhibited exceptional performance and have helped the company improve our effectiveness in several areas.

“We’ve experienced a lot of growth companywide over the past couple of years. Throughout this timeframe, Rick, Zak, Jessica and Matthew have all shown their ability to lead, coach and take on more responsibilities within their departments,” said Roger Cervenka, Vice President of Client Services. “They’ve worked really hard for their promotions and I have no doubt that they will all do an outstanding job in their new roles.”

Rick Jacko was promoted to Adjuster Supervisor. Rick has been with Fleet Response for three years and started in the role of Level 3 PD Adjuster. In his new role, he oversees handling the day to day operations of the adjuster group. “I look forward to working collaboratively with my peers to improve workflow processes while maintaining our excellent work environment,” said Rick, when we asked what he is most excited about in his new role.

Rick comments that being promoted based on the product of his work, ethic and knowledge base dealing with clients, is his biggest success to date at Fleet Response. “Being able to do my job with limited oversight but being held accountable for the work of the adjuster group,”  is what he enjoys most about being a part of our organization. “This allows me the confidence not only in my group with the day to day decisions but also to work with my new peers in creating processes.”

Zak Etela was promoted to Claims Supervisor. During his seven years at Fleet Response, he has held positions in the Call Center, Subrogation and Claims departments.  He was also the 2019 Fleet Response Employee of the Year.

In his new role, Zak works on assisting the day to day needs of the team. Supporting the department with any problems that may arise, leading by helping team members build on their skills and help build on those skills out of their opportunities. He is excited about learning everything this new position entails. “The biggest challenge in my new role, is the initial transition and getting accustomed with the new job requirements,” said Zak regarding any challenges.

When it comes to his biggest success to date at Fleet Response, Zak said, “There are so many, it’s hard to choose just one. Winning the Employee of the Year Award or being able to be a big part in restructuring the Claims training process are at the top of the list for me.”
When asked what you do you enjoy most about working at Fleet Response, he quickly commented “the culture”.

Jessica Jeko was also promoted to Claims Supervisor. Jessica has been with Fleet Response for six years, and during that time has had several positions. Jessica started in the Call Center, was a Claims Representative, Senior Claims Representative, Subrogation Specialist, and then was promoted to Claims Supervisor.

Jessica is responsible for effectively managing the workloads of the 12 reps that report to her and to continue to work on coaching and developing each rep’s individual skillset in her new role. “I am most excited to take on the new challenge of developing people by helping them become the best they can be.”

Looking ahead, Jessica sees her biggest challenge as learning to delegate different tasks and projects to her reps instead of handling them herself. “Coming from the individualized roles, I have been used to just doing the work. Now I need to take these opportunities to coach my reps and build up their confidences, in order to handle these different types of situations themselves in the future” said Jessica.

We asked Jessica what her favorite part about working at Fleet Response and she said, “I love the family atmosphere. Everyone gets along and works together, to provide the best customer service experience to our clients!”

Matthew Nycz was promoted to Subrogation Supervisor. Matthew has been with Fleet Response for four years and during that time has worked a Subrogation Specialist and Senior Subrogation Specialist. “I’m really excited to learn my new role as supervisor and expand my knowledge of the business,” Matthew said about his new position.

When asked about what his biggest success at Fleet Response has been, Matthew said in his role as a Senior Subrogation Specialist, he assisted in the training and development of the new hires and being able to see the progress they make every day is very fulfilling. “It’s always great to see the people that you train succeed in their new role” he said.

In regards to any challenges he foresees in this role, Matthew says learning to delegate projects is something he is working on. Going from an individual contributor to a supervisor has made him rely on his team rather than himself to achieve goals.

Matthew said his favorite part about working at Fleet Response is the people. “The people here are the best! From my first day working here, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful.”

Our family-like culture is our most treasured asset and something we take pride in at Fleet Response.

Congratulations to these four employees on their promotions, as they are truly well-deserved.