Heather Lysyj, Claims Supervisor, Named as Outstanding Performance Award Winner for March 2019!

Heather Lysyj Receives Outstanding Performance Award for March



Heather Lysyj, Claims Supervisor, Outstanding Performance Award Winner for March 2019!



Heather has been with Fleet Response for almost 12 years and has worked her way from a Claims Representative to a Claims Supervisor.

Jason Tidmore, Claims Manager stated, “Over the past months, Heather has repeatedly stepped up for the entire Claims Department. She is an outstanding problem solver and consistently provides a very high level of service to our clients. Most importantly, she supports her team and the department through her actions.”

Marianne Kucinski, Business Development Supervisor, agrees with Jason. “Heather has not only been acting as the only Supervisor for over 20 people she has also been working to help the claims team with their workload on an almost daily basis while also maintaining the weight of the supervisor responsibilities for the entire department and managing multiple significant changes within the department!  She’s also managed to do all of this with positivity. If that doesn’t define employee excellence, I don’t know what does! #VoteforHeather,” exclaimed Marianne.

In her spare time, Heather mentioned she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and getting buff!

Congratulations Heather and thank you for all you do!