2018 Leadership Education and Development Program

Our mission at Fleet Response is to provide innovative and effective service to our clients and maintain a high standard of professionalism and partnership in an environment that fosters opportunity, integrity and excellence.

To provide the highest level of customer service, Fleet Response created its own Leadership Education and Development (LEaD) Program. The first participants are about to finish the seven-month course with a graduation ceremony scheduled for December. The inaugural class members are from several different departments at Fleet Response and include:  Irina Baez, Claims Representative, Daniel Chahulski, Subrogation Specialist, Angelique Griffin, Claims Representative, Tom Macko, Application Developer, James Moyer, Subrogation Specialist, Jeffrey Rogers, Heavy Equipment Recovery Specialist, & Cliff Vanderwyst, Subrogation Specialist .

The program was created by Fleet Response to develop business skills, increase participant exposure to key core competencies related to leadership and management within Fleet Response, and foster the continual growth and development of high potential staff. This year’s program was formed by Claim Manager, Jason Tidmore, Subrogation Manager, Megan Aloisi, and Director of Client Service Roger Cervenka.

What made you decide to apply for the LEaD program?

(TOM MACKO) I believe that you need to own your career, and constantly challenge yourself so you never become static in your job, or allow your knowledge and skills become antiquated. I decided to apply for the LEaD program to take a new dive, to find out what unknown experiences await me, and to push through the frailties that still exist within me.

(JAMES MOYER) I was finishing up my final semester of my bachelor’s degree from Walsh in Organizational Development and Leadership at the same time the Fleet Response LEaD program was beginning to take shape. The program seemed, to me, to be the perfect continuing education program for my major. Applying for the LEaD program also allowed me to show Fleet Response my dedication to the company, as well as my motivation to grow as an employee.

(DANIEL CHAHULSKI) I decided to apply for the LEaD program because my goal is to be in management here at Fleet Response and I believe that the program will not only help me get there, but I will be better prepared when I do.  If / When I get my opportunity, I want to make sure that my being in management is something that is very beneficial to Fleet Response and those that I manage.

(ANGELIQUE GRIFFIN) I applied for the lead program because I wanted to take advantage of any opportunities available to advance my career at Fleet Response.  I was interested in the opportunity to learn first hand what the company was looking for in future leadership and to give myself an advantage in competing for those opportunities when they become available.

What experiences of the LEaD program made a difference in your job/career?

(JAMES MOYER) The experiences that I have appreciated most have been the opportunity to interact with Fleet Response management, as well as the leadership and executive teams, in a setting that is not about my job duties.  Being able to sit down and garner knowledge from the leaders of this company in a somewhat informal setting has been invaluable.  It has allowed me to become more comfortable in expressing my thoughts and opinions to them.

(CLIFF VANDERWYST) I would say the whole program. Every module has put me in situation that I have not experienced before and has challenged me to grow as an employee and person.

On a scale from 1-10 rate how would you rate the improvement of your leadership skills?

(IRINA BAEZ) I rate my improvement to a 7. I feel like I have gained some new perspective on what a Leader is and what is expected from a good Leader. The attention to details, being able to properly communicate with employees on a professional level.

What was your favorite experience?

(JEFFERY ROGERS) The participation of leaders that I had never communicated with outside of a few “Hellos’” and “How are you’s?”. Being able to listen to them speak plainly and relate to their experiences and take away things that could ultimately make me a better person.

(TOM MACKO)The presentation that we individually had to give was something that I found to be favorable, since I do like teaching people about things.  I enjoy the challenge of breaking down complex topics into layman’s terms, and sharing what I know and what I do, and how that all contributes to the success of the company.

(DANIEL CHAHULSKI) My favorite experience was being able to assist with the Customer Service Appreciation Week – it was nice to wear a different hat than I’m used to, especially since our managers must constantly change and wear a new hat. I got to step outside of my comfort zone, put in a lot of hard work and time, and then see the fruits of our labor in the positive comments and excitement from our employees.

(ANGELIQUE GRIFFIN) My favorite experience was seeing everyone else enjoy Customer Service Week. Lots of hard work and planning went into the week and although everything didn’t go as planned in the end people were smiling and participating and having a great time.

How likely are you to recommend the LEaD program to coworkers?

(IRINA BAEZ) I would without a doubt recommend the LEaD program to a coworker. I feel it is a beneficial program to gain the knowledge one needs to grow within a company and within one’s career.

(CLIFF VANDERWYST) I would recommend it to any coworker that wants to be challenged on a personal and professional level.  It is a great program for anyone that may be interested in being a manager or supervisor in the future.

(JEFFERY ROGERS)  Even if you are not looking for a leadership position, learning about the company from the top down, from the people you report to is invaluable in understanding who you are and what you may want to become in your current role or a future role. It can also give insight to who you are as a person, which will have an effect everywhere you go.

Overall, the program has been received with incredibly positive attitudes. The program proves that Fleet Response does live by the mission to provide innovative and effective service. A proven way to accomplish that goal is to invest in your employees.