This summer Fleet Response hosted their inaugural internship class with five participants from different schools around Ohio. Keep reading to get to know our wonderful group of interns.

Fleet Response’s summer internship program focuses on ensuring the interns will do meaningful work and gain valuable skills to use in future employment. This year’s inaugural class consisted of five students that contributed to the Business Development, Claims & Subrogation Teams for 12 weeks during the summer. When these students apply and accept a professional role, Fleet Response is hopeful that they will be able to use the skills learned throughout their time on our team.

Jordan is a junior at Lorain Community College, studying Marketing.  Jordan’s laid-back personality gives him the ability to easily work with any team member here at Fleet Response.

 What task/projects have you accomplished? During the summer I helped a bunch of different groups inside Fleet Response which allowed me to understand fully how this business works and operates. I spent a lot of my time helping the Marketing Department enter sales leads into capsule and being her 2nd set of eyes on marketing projects. I also spent a few weeks stuffing packets to send out to our new clients.

How would you describe your summer with Fleet Response? I really Enjoyed this internship and all the different work they allowed me to work on throughout the summer, I never felt as if I was just an intern.

What is your favorite memory working here this summer? Watching the weekly intern presentations, by different members of leadership. I was able to get an in-depth look into each department.

Austin is a junior at Ohio State University, studying Marketing. Austin is always willing to help with any project, task, problem, that someone may encounter. He has taken his friendly skills and used this toward talking to network repair shops on the phone.

What task/projects have you accomplished? I have had the opportunity to: Help the marketing department in re-branding and design a new Business Review template. Add any new contacts into the sales program for the sales team. Stuff packets for new and existing clients. Called Body shops for invoices or current Certificate of Liability insurance documents. Learned how to work at the front desk, including phone, sorting mail, and assisting office guests. Assist in reviewing claims to gather data for preventable vs. non-preventable accidents. Shadow members of the sales team on calls with potential clients. Updating Standard Operating Procedures for Business Development Researched for a mass-texting app to be used for future Fleet Response events.

How would you describe your summer with Fleet Response? My summer internship at Fleet Response was a huge step in the right direction. Not only was it my first internship experience, but it was my first experience in the business world where I was able to begin molding myself into the business professional I want to become. Fleet Response went out of their way to create a perfect culture for us as interns to begin our journey. They placed their trust in us since day one, which allowed us to have the confidence to believe in ourselves and the work we did here this summer. I believe that no matter where my career takes me, I will always remember and appreciate the time I spent at Fleet Response.

What is your favorite memory working here this summer?  For sure, the employee of the year. It was a crazy day filled with a downpour, laughs, and everyone showing how proud they are working for Fleet Response.

 David is a senior at Baldwin Wallace studying Mathematics, Pre-Medical. David’s endless energy gives him the eagerness to work with any department to create a diverse learning experience for himself.

 How would you describe your summer with Fleet Response? The corporate internship landscape is shifting – with Fleet Response at the bleeding edge. Unlike many in their first internship, I did not fetch “Seattle’s Best”. Instead, I had the privilege to praise my co-workers’ ideas during meetings and even show them how to implement their visions in an increasingly digital society. With our company’s small-size comes the opportunity to foster young professionals—with a second-to none corporate culture. When you come to work at Fleet Response, you’re not just serving the transportation backbone of America. You’re working with some of Ohio’s most humble and talented people: who treat you like you are part of their families.

 What task/projects have you accomplished? Over the course of the summer, I’ve worked across the Claims, Business Development, and Information Technology (IT) departments. At the start of the internship, I reviewed Fleet Response’s “Security,” “User Password,” “Laptop & Mobile Device,” and “SDLC” corporate policies to advise Jodi Varner and Danylo Zadony about minor updates. Following this, I tested the user interface for our company’s newest product: FleetSuite. For IT and Business Development, I used my Mathematics background to help me set up analytics tools on Visual Studio (Microsoft) Teams Services—a platform we use for project management. Essentially, I pored over a dizzying amount of data related to our developers’ activity.

Then, I configured and designed five different graphing tools using Microsoft’s Analytics Services to help our Business Analyst make informed decisions. For the next two months I worked under Jason Tidmore and Roger Cervenka to implement their vision for a web-based training program through Office 365 SharePoint. With help from Courtney Czir and a team of Claims employees, I piloted our company’s Claims website which features the customizable training program itself, as well as a portal for managers and directors to monitor the progress of their new hires.

What is your favorite memory working here this summer? Participating in the sand volleyball wellness challenge. I loved being competitive with my co-workers!

Dominic is a junior at Ohio University, studying Communication with a minor in Marketing. Dominic is the definition of a team player, he has worked with 3 different departments, and succeeded in each one.

How would you describe your summer with Fleet Response? This summer has been great!  I have learned so much in the past twelve weeks that will better prepare me for the future.  Fleet Response is a great company and I am very thankful for the opportunity that they gave me.

What task/projects have you accomplished? Subrogation: Filed police reports, entered PFG claims into our system, and make follow-up claims for the subro representatives.  I have also called insurance companies and filed new claims. Claims: Working the follow up for various claim reps and worked the notifications as well. Marketing: Helped redesign the safety proposal and had the freedom to be creative and change the way it was designed.

What is your favorite memory working here this summer? The Indians game in June, the weather was perfect, and the Tribe won!!

 Cole is a sophomore at Ohio State University, studying Finance. Cole may be the youngest of the group, but he doesn’t let that stop him from thriving in the subrogation and claims departments. Cole is known for being an early bird, who can quickly pick up any task sent his way.

How would you describe your summer with Fleet Response? Working at Fleet response as an intern has been one of the most beneficial positions I’ve had in my young career. The company is a fantastic place to work with great energy and a lot of opportunities for growth. The program allowed me to gain great workplace experience and offered projects geared toward helping me succeed in the future.

What task/projects have you accomplished? Subrogation: Reporting claims to insurance companies, entering police reports into the document system, and doing follow up calls with claims/subro reps from insurance companies for status. Accounting: Updating the ledger with the fixed asset purchases, bring up-to-date the sales by client yearly and monthly reports within spreadsheets, and creating/updating graphs to represent yearly sales as well as top salesman/ top 25 clients.

 What is your favorite memory working here this summer? I loved having a chance to spend an afternoon with the other interns and our mentors at the Indians game.