Fleet Response is proud to announce Jade Walker, Call Center Representative, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for August 2017.

Jade has been with Fleet Response for just over a year, and within this brief period has displayed a true commitment to her customers and fellow employees.  Prior to working at Fleet Response, Jade worked in a call center environment for 3 years, 2 of which she was a lead/mentor.  In her prior role, Jade trained new and veteran employees to become proficient in her field.  Jade mentioned that she “really likes working with people and teaching them new things.”  She utilizes her previous experience and applies it to her current role here at Fleet Response “to help calm down drivers that are involved in accidents and give them reassurance.”  It was these prior experiences that assisted Jade with becoming proactive in the CARES (which stands for Communication, Accountability, Responsiveness, Empath, and Solution) program that was started in the Call Center several months ago.  Jade has been hands-on in putting together guidelines and training fellow employees on the values surrounding this program.

Christy Jones, Call Center Manager, stated, “Jade has been instrumental in coaching reps and working closely with everyone to ensure that we are staying on track with our customer experience.  Jade is always focused on helping the callers and is able to help them feel confident that everything is going to be taken care of.”  Fellow Call Center Representative, Lisa Grose, said, “Jade is an amazing coworker.  She has a spirit that brightens everyone’s day.”

Within the short period that Jade has been at Fleet Response, she has made a long lasting, positive impression on her customers and fellow employees and continuously exhibits her dedication to improvement. In her personal time, Jade enjoys makeup and fashion.

Congratulations Jade, and thank you for all you do!