Fleet Response Employee 10

Fleet Response is proud to announce Heather Lysyj, Claims Supervisor, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for March 2017.

Heather has been with Fleet Response for almost 10 years.  Throughout these years, she has proven to set a great example to all that know her through her leadership qualities, exceptional customer service and willingness to assist her fellow employees.

Jason Tidmore, Heather’s Manager, commended her by saying, “Heather has exemplified the Claims Department’s mission statement of providing the highest level of customer service to our clients through prompt, professional and helpful claims handling.”

Stuart Braun, Adjuster and Maintenance Manager, praised Heather by saying, “Heather has done an outstanding job with the on-boarding process for ‘a new client’…Heather has accepted this challenge without hesitation and is setting a great example for others to follow.”  Roger Cervenka, Director of Client Services, said, “She agreed to personally be the Rep on a new account until we got it successfully off the ground.  It’s been a challenge so far but she has responded well.”

Heather has motivated her fellow employees by going above and beyond to assist her clients while displaying an ongoing commitment to assist those that surround her.

Congratulations Heather, and thank you for your continuous hard work and dedication!