Grace at Fleet Response

Fleet Response is proud to announce Grace Bradac, Office Coordinator, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for October 2016.

Grace has been with the company for 2 years and has since, continuously grown her role. She is a vital part of the organization and her efforts are appreciated daily. As the office’s first point of contact, Grace always has a friendly face and a helpful attitude to guests and employees alike.

“Grace really does all of the regular daily/weekly/monthly tasks so well that it’s a huge help to the department.” said Kari Hagan, Manager of Business Development. “In a high traffic area with constant interruptions, she manages to handle it all and still take on some special projects on the side.”

Business Development Coordinator, Angela Fragapane, expressed similar praise, “Grace is one of the most helpful employees to everyone in the company and is often pulled into many different directions. She always offers support with events, never bats an eye when asked for assistance and I can trust that she will do anything given to her with 100% effort!”

This recognition is well-deserved and Grace’s contributions to her department and all of Fleet Response are admired.

Congratulations, Grace, and thanks for all you do!