Rachel at Fleet Response

Fleet Response is proud to announce Rachel Blakemore, Claims Representative, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for June 2016.

Rachel has been with Fleet Response for over two years. During this time she has proven to be dependable, knowledgeable and an all-around cheerful person.

Luke Paulus, Claims Adjuster, commended Rachel by saying, “She is always friendly and easy to get along with. She’s courteous and professional. She does her best to look out for the clients.” Level III Adjuster, Mark Moreschi agreed with Luke, stating, “She is always in a positive mood and is a hard worker.”

Fellow Claims Representative, Stephanie Strickler applauded Rachel with the following, “She is 100% reliable and always willing to take on more work, or more responsibilities. Whenever I need a volunteer to assist with additional work she is always, always, always, the first person to volunteer and has no problem or complaint doing so.”

It is quite clear that Rachel’s work ethic and attitude makes a huge impact on all around her.

Congratulations, Rachel, and thanks for everything that you do!