Fleet Response is proud to announce Mike Irey, Senior Claims Adjuster, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for August 2015.

Mike has been with Fleet Response for eight years. His expertise in the field and willingness to assist any colleague that comes to him, proves how deserving he is of this award.

“He always takes the time to explain what he is looking for or his thoughts in great detail to help me get a better understanding so I am able to communicate to the client and/or shops,” said Jamie Tintelnot, Heavy Equipment Claim Specialist. “I feel Tractor/Trailer claims are more complex than regular vehicle claims and he does a terrific job teaching me while we work through them. I am grateful for all of his help.”

Joanne Renner, Claims Representative, has had similar experiences with Mike and how helpful he is, “Even when he is busy, anytime I call him with a question he spends as much time as needed on the phone to make sure I understand the process and what is needed from the shop.”

Fleet Response is grateful for the work Mike does and the assistance he provides.

Congratulations, and thanks for all you do, Mike!