Fleet Response is proud to announce Joanne Renner, Claim Representative, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for July 2015.

Joanne has been with Fleet Response for 2 years. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and does so with a smile on her face. Joanne’s courteous and cheerful ways, do not go unnoticed.

“She has been very helpful to me, showing me things I did not know to help me be more efficient at my new position”, Tabitha Knipp, one of Fleet Response’s newest Claim Specialists has said about Joanne.

Several other employees are in agreeance about how helpful and friendly Joanne is. Julie Cravener, Call Center Supervisor, has commended Joanne by saying, “She’s always willing to help and if she doesn’t have an answer she looks for it. She is always polite and always cracks a joke along the way!” Call Center Representative, Irina Baez has had similar experiences with Joanne and has said, “Joanne is always extremely helpful when I call to speak to her. I never feel as though I’m bothering her and I believe that she has a smile when she’s helping me.” Denise Grimes, Call Center Representative II, also had these kind words to say, “She is very helpful and always very nice. She always says thank you and will listen to you.”

Fleet Response is thankful for having Joanne on our team and leaving such a positive impact on her co-workers.

Thanks, Joanne, for all you do!