Honoring Excellence: 2024 Ron and Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Award Recipients

Fleet Response employees nationwide gathered for the 2024 Ron and Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Awards, a momentous occasion to honor and appreciate individuals who exceed expectations in embodying Fleet Response’s core values.

Established in 2015 by Ron and Fran Mawaka, this annual accolade aims to commend exceptional individual accomplishments, contributions, and performance of Fleet Response employees. Nominations are peer-driven, with the final selection made by the Fleet Response Executive team. Each of the seven finalists represents a specific department within the organization. To show appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the company, finalists receive a $2500 check, while the overall award recipient receives a $10000 check.

This year’s celebration, held at our main office in Hudson, Ohio, was a testament to the unity and excellence that defines Fleet Response. Additionally, we had the privilege of celebrating with our remote employees and our California-based team members at our office in Chatsworth, California, ensuring that every member of our Fleet Response family could partake in this special occasion.

The finalists for the 2024 Ron and Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Award are:

  • Nicholas Denman- Call Center
  • Sam Ryba – First Party Claims
  • Joe Maiher – Third Party/Adjuster/Maintenance
  • Matt Stetka – IT
  • Robert Kevern – Subro/HE
  • Beatriz Gutierrez – Carrier Subrogation

Each finalist has demonstrated remarkable dedication, innovative thinking, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of service. Their contributions have not only driven the company’s success but have also inspired their colleagues to strive for excellence.

The 2024 Ron and Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Award Recipient

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s prestigious award goes to Lori Fleshman from the Accounting /Business Development. Lori excels in her willingness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances within the department. She is always the first to offer assistance when someone is out unexpectedly, often adjusting her daily routine to ensure that everything is covered, and tasks are completed. Her proactive approach and flexibility are invaluable to the team.

Lori has been with Fleet Response for eight years, starting as a temporary employee before becoming a permanent member of the team. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently been approachable, friendly, and helpful, embodying integrity, accountability, and flexibility every day.

Always ready to jump in and help wherever needed, Lori ensures that all tasks are completed and up to date. Her dedication to accuracy and timely processing is evident in her work ethic. Lori’s award was received with heartfelt applause and admiration from her peers, highlighting the profound impact she has made. Along with the honor, Lori received a $10,000 check as a token of appreciation for her exceptional service.

As we celebrate these outstanding individuals, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions of our employees. The Ron and Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Award not only acknowledges individual excellence but also reinforces the core values that make Fleet Response a leader in the industry. We look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence and celebrating the achievements of our dedicated team members in the years to come.