The 2023 Intern Experience

This summer, Fleet Response doubled its intern class size by welcoming 17 interns to work in various departments within our company. The 12-week internship program provided students with the invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience in a professional business environment. Throughout the program, interns developed critical interpersonal skills, created connections across departments, and built strong relationships within the Fleet Response team.

The 2023 intern team worked on important projects that allowed them to apply their education in diverse roles including claims, subrogation, safety, vendor management, maintenance, marketing, and special events. The intern class was divided into two teams, each assigned an end-of-summer project. One project involved implementing a QR code linked to a custom landing that would answer questions about the claims process. The second team researched integrating an AI chatbot into customer service systems and collaborated on an end-of-summer presentation summarizing lessons learned. After meeting in groups throughout the program and doing extensive research, the interns then presented their findings to the executive team. The presentations were a remarkable success and were met with many compliments by the executive team.

Through this summer program, interns gained practical skills in their field while bringing fresh perspective to Fleet Response. The experience accelerated their professional growth and enhanced innovation within our organization. Both the students and Fleet Response derived immense value from this rewarding summer program.

What were your main tasks during your internship? 

“I processed and entered claims through the accounting system and updated the collections spreadsheet each day.” -Lauren Tan (Sophomore at Kent State University in Accounting)

“My main tasks during the internship were to call body shops and drivers for information on claims. I checked the status of part arrivals, estimates/photos, repairs etc. I also coordinated with drivers/shops to get vehicles scheduled for repairs” -Valerie Petrovich (Junior at the University of Akron in Claims)

“My main tasks during the internship were within the subrogation department assisting the support reps with their follow up lists. I reported claims to the at fault insurance companies, followed up about the liability decisions on the claims, and checked for pending police reports and filled in missing information once it came in.” -Katie Heckroth (Sophomore at University of Pittsburgh in Subrogation)

“My tasks were to create graphic and editorial content for our social media pages, develop department videos, and assisting the marketing team with other hands-on projects, ” -Luke Petersen (Junior at Ohio University in Marketing)

“I worked with the special events team and assisted with planning of company events. My team allowed me to work on several projects such as employee of the year and the company picnic. On top of that, I also worked with Edna House and the D&I committee.” -Skylar Leichliter (Junior at the University of Kentucky in Special Events)

“My main tasks were being able to provide customer service in our safety department by answering the support inbox as well as our 800 number.“ -Isabel Meister (Senior at Auburn University in Safety)

How has the internship program impacted both your professional and personal growth?

“As Fleet Response was my first office and professional workplace, this was an eye-opening opportunity for me. Fleet Response encompassed a supportive and genuine bond – with a myriad of opportunities for morale and development. Moments such as the luau, the group project, and the intern meetings expanded my vision of a successful and a supportive workplace environment.

Fleet Response enforced personal growth through communication. As an introvert, I struggled with confidence when communicating with a wide array of individuals. Reporting claims on the phone and emailing claimants for payment plans opened my shell. I was more confident due to Fleet Response’s wide range of individuals involved (along with the mediums utilized).” -Bethany Faber (Junior at Purdue University in Subrogation)

“This summer internship increased my interpersonal skills and my ability to sell myself as well as the company. It also improved my personal growth by improving my time management skills and problem solving.” -Cole Jones (Junior at Miami University in Vendor Coordination)

“This summer internship gave me my first office experience which was valuable experience when preparing for a professional career. Working collaboratively with the other interns helped me be more open to working with others for large projects.” – Michael Scheeser (Sophomore at Ohio University in Claims)

What new skills did you learn?

“I learned how to manage my time. Every day I had a list of people I needed to call but I also was tasked with other things that were on time constraints. This forced me to learn how to be efficient with my time.” -Jordyn Ruppelli (Junior at Bowling Green State University in Claims)

“I learned presentation skills, speaking in a professional setting, handling disagreements in a professional manner, keeping a set schedule and many more!” -Bryanna Butler (Sophomore at University of Mount Union in Claims)

How did you like the work environment?

“This was my first office job and I think it has been a valuable experience. I feel like the culture here was not something you would not be able to get at any other “big” company so having a good first summer internship experience sets the standard for anywhere I end up at in the future.” -Kendall Russell (Junior at Kent State University in Subrogation)

“Fleet Responses culture was great. While working in subrogation this summer, I immediately noticed the subrogation department worked well as a team and knew each other personally. I felt comfortable asking anyone any questions I had throughout my summer internship. There was great opportunity for professional growth at Fleet Response.” -Jack Gojdics (Senior at Ohio University in Subrogation)

Share a memorable moment from your internship.

“Employee of the year was a memorable experience because I got to see the whole company all together and supporting each other for this event.” -Micah Gretta (Junior at Miami University in Claims)

“Getting the opportunity to meet with Jeff Fender the VP of Sales & Marketing and listen to his knowledge of the industry and receive advice and tips regarding building your brand, sales, and marketing.” -Patrick McDonald (Senior at the University of Cincinnati in Claims)

“One memorable moment was working on the internship project. Working within teams was a cool and fun aspect of the internship.” -Casey Noffsinger (Sophomore at Akron in Maintenance)

As our summer internship program ends, we want to thank our talented interns for their hard work and contributions over the summer. We appreciate everything you did and the energy you brought to our team. We wish you the absolute best as you head back to campus for the new academic year!

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