Case Study: Labcorp’s Safety Revolution with Fleet Response

Labcorp transformed from a local laboratory operating from a hospital basement into a leading global life sciences company. They provide diagnostic, drug development and technology-enabled solutions for more than 160 million patient encounters per year, typically processing more than 3 million patient specimens per week.

Specimen delivery is critical to the company’s operation. Labcorp relies on a fleet of about 5,000 courier and distribution vehicles along with 1,500 vehicles in their sales fleet. With nearly 9,000 drivers on file, they know that safety on the road is critical to their employees, others on the road, and to their company reputation. Since 1999 they have trusted Fleet Response for a total approach to accident management – beginning with vetting low-risk safe drivers via Motor Vehicle Records and then providing high-quality safety training on a consistent basis.

Labcorp launched a new telematics system for in-vehicle monitoring of driver performance and vehicle diagnostics. This integrates the cloud-based data into the Fleet Response system. Any signs of risky driver behavior – such as speeding or harsh braking – triggers Fleet Response to deliver targeted safety training directly to the driver.

Labcorp credits Fleet Response with helping them limit accidents and control costs, placing them in the 10% of companies achieving a low cost-per-accident.

“Our courier fleet is where the rubber meets the road. Labcorp couriers are out on the road millions of miles a year, collecting specimens from doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, or anywhere specimens are collected. It’s the very basis of our business. Fleet Response keeps us on the road and moving forward.

The number one value of Fleet Response is in protecting our company and brand. With 6,000 vehicles on the road, we have 6,000 daily opportunities for tragic incidents on the road. Our partnership with Fleet Response ensures that we are doing the best we can to put safe drivers on the road. Partnering with Fleet Response on our new telematics in-vehicle monitoring is the next step in the evolution our safety program. 

If you’re looking for a company with a broad reach but a familiar touch, one who makes you feel like you’re the only customer, Fleet Response does a wonderful job. They are super professional and have a good hold on market trends and valuable connections throughout the country. The people we work with at Fleet Response are some of the most attainable I’ve ever worked with. They are so quick to respond, by email or phone call. And they don’t just call back – they call back with solutions.” – Barry Lowry, Director of Global Fleet Operations, Labcorp