On the Road with Driver History Profile Mobile

When you work for an enterprise responsible for vehicles and drivers out on the road, hiring and training new (and safe) drivers is one of your top priorities. That process takes time – from collecting and reviewing driver documents to accessing department of motor vehicle histories and tracking online training. It demands time and attention from your busy drivers as well. The fact is all those processes are essential to running a profitable business, keeping drivers safe and compliant, and reducing risk from accidents and claims.

At Fleet Response, we hear you. That’s why we put our heads together, gathered our most talented programmers and designed our own proprietary app to solve those very challenges. Our new Driver History Profile Mobile puts a power tool in your driver’s hands – right on their smartphones. That makes sense, because the fastest, most convenient way to reach your driver is on their phone.

This article will help you understand the challenges drivers face, how the app helps them easily complete required tasks, the results achieved, and how to get started using the Driver History Profile app in your own organization.

“My office is my car”

Your drivers spend most of their time on the road. When they can safely take a break in their car or at a rest stop, why not help them to squeeze in required work tasks and training? Drivers often don’t have time to stop into an office and upload documents or access online safety training. And when they do carve out time, it usually means getting onto a laptop in their employer’s office or at home – and they may not even own a laptop.

So if you want to get prompt responses from a driver, reach them where they are: on their smartphone or tablet.

In between deliveries, on a lunch break or at home, Driver History Profile Mobile helps drivers to complete required tasks quickly and easily, including:Driver History Profile Mobile Pending Tasks Screen

  • Upload documents such as proof of auto insurance coverage
  • Enter driver’s license information needed and complete an e-signature to authorize motor vehicle record order
  • Submit any policy tests or special certifications required by their enterprise
  • Complete required online driver safety training and quizzes


The app is also a two-way communication tool, meaning we can send notifications to your drivers, alerting them to complete assigned tasks. Maybe they need to complete their “Hazard Perception Evaluation,” a 30-minute assessment designed to evaluate their perceptions of situations and potential behaviors on the road. If a driver scores low in a certain area such as speed, the app assigns a subsequent lesson that will be available within the app.

With the Driver History Profile Mobile, you can use the power and presence of your driver’s smartphone to create and maintain a connection. That connection allows you to speed up the hiring and verification process – and keep drivers safe and compliant on the road.

How it works

Driver History Profile Mobile is simple and intuitive, leading the driver through logical steps.

User-friendly app screens make it easy to navigate and the prompts motivate drivers to complete tasks on time.

For example, after completing license verification, the driver is prompted to enter an e-signature to authorize release of motor vehicle records. This saves time for both the driver and employer.Driver History Profile Mobile Signature Screen

To submit a required form such as proof of insurance coverage, a driver simply snaps a photo of the document. On-screen prompts instruct on how to upload that photo. The app makes it simple – and so much faster and easier than having to scan a document and submit it via a website link.

Results matter: the positive outcomes

After a rigorous development process by our internal Fleet Response tech team, we did extensive testing with our own staff and then rolled out the Driver History Profile app as a test with one of our larger flagship clients. The response was excellent. Within just a few months, they achieved a higher percentage of completion of tasks and heard positive feedback from their drivers on the user-friendly app screens and convenient access.

Your drivers and your teams aren’t left on their own to manage the app. To handle any tech issues or questions, we have a dedicated Fleet Response team ready to help with a caller support line for immediate answers and an email form for response within an hour.

Getting started

The Driver History Profile app is designed to meet the needs of almost every type of enterprise – because every business needs to gather driver records and begin or maintain safety training. Getting started is simple, since most drivers with a smartphone know how to download an app.

We’ve found the best way to motivate drivers to download and use Driver History Profile Mobile is to give them a specific task to complete, such as a required safety training lesson.

That gets the ball rolling and gives the driver a reason to download and try the app. Once they get started – all signs point to happy drivers who love the convenience of doing administrative tasks and training on their phone.

Even beyond efficiency and convenience, we wanted to develop an app with scalability to take on future mobile demands of our customers. Driver History Profile Mobile hits the mark on all counts. We’re excited to offer it to more clients, expand on the capabilities, and see the positive results – with increased task completion and ultimately, with safer drivers and reduced risk.

At Fleet Response we always aim to develop innovative ideas to reduce risk for businesses and drivers. We also know that speed and convenience boost your productivity and profits. That’s why we constantly ask clients for feedback as we strive to make processes faster and easier. The Driver History Profile app is a perfect example of going the extra mile for our clients.

To discuss your organization’s unique claims management, or to schedule a demo of Driver History Profile Mobile contact Jeff Fender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fleet Response, contact@fleetresponse.com.