Gina Stills earns the Employee of the Month award for October 2020

Fleet Response is proud to announce Gina Stills as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for October.

Working at Fleet Response since October of 2019, Gina works as a Claims Specialist.

Gina received multiple nominations for this peer nominated award. One coworker said, “Gina is an excellent example of a team player and a star employee.” Gina has grown into her role and it has been recognized, “I have had the privilege to watch this individual develop on our team into a resource we could not do without,” said another coworker.

Her efforts are truly noticed by her whole team, as they all agree she is an instrumental part of their success and note her as being their behind the scenes magic, who they would be lost without.

“As soon as I walked through the door on my first day, I immediately sensed the welcomeness from all and truly felt the family atmosphere in the air,” said Gina.

When asked what makes her most proud to work at Fleet Response, Gina said, “I am so proud to work for this organization, I just love how the culture truly envelops family.”

Something her Fleet Response coworkers may not know about Gina, is that she loves to sew, however does not have as much time as she would like to be able to work on it.

In her free time, Gina enjoys spending as much time as she can with her almost 2-year old granddaughter. She also likes to hang out and watch movies with close friends and loves working on jigsaw puzzles.

Congratulations Gina and thank you for all you do!