My Fleet Response Intern Experience

Over the summer, Fleet Response welcomed three interns to our team. This post comes from Erika Petersen one of our interns and a third-year marketing major at The Ohio State University. Read on for just some of the highlights of the internship program — in her own words.

Erika Petersen, third- year marketing major at The Ohio State University

I am so grateful for my internship experience at Fleet Response this summer. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced many companies to cancel their internship programs. Fleet Response was able to maintain an internship program despite the external challenges going on in the world. It is very commendable that Fleet Response not only values education but also values safety. We were able to be very engaged in the internship program even while working from home.

Fleet Response’s tight knit culture allowed me to feel like I was making connections with people from a variety of departments even though I had never actually met them face to face. All the employees care a lot about one another and that is especially evident on occasions like the employee of the month recognition. Employees are able to nominate their fellow coworkers for a job well done, or just all around hard work.  All the employees I have met are passionate about their jobs and are willing to help all the interns learn.

Preston Warren, third-year operations management major at the University of Cininnati.

Throughout the summer we worked closely with one another and our internship coordinators. We spent time with each department and got to learn more about what they do and how they operate. In short, for the summer I was treated and acted like a regular employee of the Fleet Response.

Our internship coordinators assigned us various projects each week that we had to collaborate on. “I was given responsibility which allowed me to learn a lot more about my future career and myself, even more than anticipated,” said Preston Warren is a third-year operations management major at the University of Cincinnati.

In addition to our projects, we were paired with a mentor that offered us additional insight about working at Fleet Response and career advice. “One of my favorite parts of my internship was receiving advice from my fellow coworkers and mentor at Fleet Response,” Intern Peyton Miller stated. Miller is a second-year accounting major at The Ohio State University.

Peyton Miller, second-year accounting major at The Ohio State University.

Each week a member from the Fleet Response team talked with us and provided us with informative presentations. These presentations further exemplified their dedication to their jobs, providing us with insight on their own experiences as well as career advice.

Presentation topics covered project management and time, sales and relationship building, leadership and management, customer responsiveness, professional communication, and accounting principles.

We wrapped up our internship with final projects that we presented to the Executive Leadership team. They listened to us recap our summers at Fleet Response as well as providing us with feedback of our presentations and advice for our future. One of my favorite aspects of this summer has been hearing from these professionals and learning about why they are passionate about their roles.

Peyton, Preston, and I all enjoyed this experience greatly and it truly exceeded our expectations. We have gained communication, professional, and teamwork skills over the course of this internship and will value those as we continue throughout our careers. It was a great experience and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

We extend our gratitude to our interns for their support and wish them the best of luck as they return to their schools for the fall semester! Interested in joining the Fleet Response team? Check out our Career Opportunities page to view open positions.