Jazmyne Harris earns the Employee of the Month award for July 2020

Fleet Response is proud to announce Jazmyne Harris as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for July.

Working at Fleet Response for since February, Jazmyne works as a Call Center Lead.

Jazmyne received multiple nominations for this peer nominated award. One coworker said, “Jazmyne is a very hard worker who is always willing to jump in and assist when needed. Any task that is given to her, she handles the task in a quick and timely manner. She is a very quick learner; she will jump right in to help answer question for other reps or assist them if needed.”

Another coworker said, “Jazmyne is a BEAST! She handles a lot within our department. She is a huge asset to our team; she has the best multi-tasking skills. Every time a project comes up her name is brought up and everyone wants her to work on their team. She has a great attitude and is always willing to jump in anywhere she is needed.”

When asked what makes her most proud to work at Fleet Response, Jazmyne said, “I am most proud of how we work with our clients. Our clients will then provide feedback to us, and it is good to hear and fulfilling that they appreciate what we do for them.

Congratulations Jazmyne and thank you for all you do!