Why Now is the Right Time to Change Your TPA

Does your current TPA meet all of your specific needs? Do they work with you to fully recognize your claim management needs to create a customized solution pertinent to your organization and industry?

Whether you are thinking about using a TPA for the first time or are considering switching TPAs, certain responsibilities and requirements in managing a company’s assets need to be thought through. Here is why right now is the time to change your TPA.

Fleet Response is a niche Specialized Auto TPA, performing claims management services for fleet, risk, and safety teams for companies with large fleet exposure. As an organization, we excel by focusing on handling specialty areas of the TPA claims industry.

Because your organization is unique, your TPA should also be able to meet your specialized needs with customization, flexibility, and true visibility for your unique exposure.

Our services include first-party auto, third-party property, and general liability claim management, along with related subrogation services. Our goal is to manage all aspects of the claims process with a focus on controlling costs and vehicle downtime.

Not all TPAs are created equal and are able to handle large fleet exposure. As there are many TPAs to choose from or even performing these functions in-house, it is important to weigh the advantages.

Here are the advantages for both first party auto and third-party property in using Fleet Response as your Specialized Auto TPA.

Advantages for First-Party Auto
• Access to experienced specialized staff
• Higher level of customer service
• Latest technology availability
• Savings on in-house staffing
• Reducing cost, reducing downtime
• Provide your organization with much more data
• Less room for error

Advantages for Third-Party Property Damage
• Access to experienced specialized staff
• Latest technology availability
• Cost savings
• Protection of brand
• Ability to handle higher claim volume
• Preserve customer satisfaction
• Less room for error

“At Fleet Response, we deliver savings through skillful management of claims and repairs, reducing risk of exposure through driver safety programs, and improving recovery of accident expenses through aggressive subrogation in cases of third-party liability,” said Jeff Fender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Communication is key. A good communication network between our customers and us managing their claims is vital to make sure that that their needs have been met to satisfy their business goals.

Working with a niche Specialized Auto TPA, allows for a closer relationship that allows for a higher level of customization for your organization. At Fleet Response, we assign a dedicated representative to your account, and this person serves as the point of contact for your entire company.

Partnering with a company that can handle all the first-party auto, third-party property, and general liability claim management, as well as take responsibility for all related subrogation services, is a major benefit for most businesses. This extends your internal teams’ bandwidth.

“Our goal is to manage all aspects of the claims process with a focus on controlling costs and vehicle downtime,” said Fender.

Understanding the benefits outlined above can equip you to make an informed decision about your current provider and whether they are meeting your unique needs for your organization. Fleet Response is the expert in helping companies streamline their claim management processes.

To discuss your organization’s unique claims management challenges, contact Jeff Fender, Vice President of  Sales and Marketing at Fleet Response, contact@fleetresponse.com.