Fleet Response continuously evolves to meet the needs of our customers, but our values never change. Since opening our doors in 1986, we have consistently added capabilities and defined industry standards.

Our goal is to manage all aspects of the claims process with a focus on controlling costs and minimizing downtime for our clients.
We are a renowned claims management and processing solution provider for fleet, risk and safety industries providing both first party and third-party claims management. With the intention to deliver optimum flexibility, visibility, and accountability to our clients, we released our next generation online claims tool – Fleet Response VISIBILITY

We provide our clients with real time data and analytics through this product. Our web-based platform provides 24/7 access to detailed claims, maintenance, and safety data.

This real time access also enables users to communicate with Fleet Response team members right at their fingertips and the ability to create and customize charts and reports on-demand for internal presentations

Why Use Fleet Response VISIBILITY?

1. Users have 24/7, real-time access to our online portal.
2. Users can view claim process such as repair status and documents, rental activities, subrogation requests, and fleet safety information.
3. Users have access to all pertinent claim information including loss notices, photos, and estimates.
3. Users have access to our customizable StatCenter which provides data for analysis and claim information; charts can be downloaded for easy placement into presentations
4. Users have access to multiple standard ad-hoc reports, as well as the ability to customize their own reports.
5. Users have the ability to communicate with Fleet Response representatives.

What Our Customers are Saying about Fleet Response VISIBILITY?

“Great tool for our field guys and the opportunities down the road for our REM’s that travel a lot to be able to respond faster to approvals and such.”
“VISIBILITY is so user-friendly and easy to use!”
“Our driver called me to report the claim. I directed them to Fleet Response, hung up the phone, and that was it! I saw it on VISIBILITY the next morning!”
“VISIBILITY is very user friendly. Between the breadth and depth of information available and the ability to customize the StatCenter layout, nothing else compares!”
“The report builder is easy to use and create your own report, great tool!”

Is There an Extra Cost to Use Fleet Response VISIBILITY?

No, system access is provided at no charge.

Is there a set number of users my company can give access to?

No, when using VISIBILITY clients are given password-protected access to an unlimited number of users designated specifically by your company, including restricted access by corporate structure or system rights.

Contact us directly to discuss your organization’s unique claims management and to schedule a demo of Fleet Response VISIBILITY. Contact Jeff Fender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fleet Response, contact@fleetresponse.com.