Andrea Janowski earns the Employee of the Month award for March 2020

Fleet Response is proud to announce Andrea Janowski as the Employee of the Month for March.

Working at Fleet Response since July of 2016, Andrea works as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and President, Scott Mawaka. She said” I am proud to work closely with a kind and caring Executive. He is one in a million!”

Andrea knew she made the right decision to work at Fleet Response when she saw that her ideas were welcome and encouraged, she also appreciates that there are new initiatives added as well. She believes the uniqueness of Fleet Response is the outstanding recognition of employees and how they work as a team.

While Andrea is always known to be a hard and dedicated worker, her coworkers nominated her for this due to her going above and beyond this last month. With the COVID-19 outbreak, Fleet Response employees went 100% remote at the beginning of March. Andrea not only continued her day to day operations but offered to continue to go into the office daily to make sure everything continued to run smoothly.
Andrea said, “I am happy to help my Fleet Response family during this difficult time. And want them to know, I will not let them down. I am here to help and assist in any way!”

She received multiple nominations for this peer nominated award. Robert Kevern, Subrogation Supervisor said, “The whole world was thrown a curveball by the Coronavirus, but Andrea has been a steady presence in the office for Fleet Response. She has a lot on her plate handling a lot of the company’s mail, printing, faxing. In addition, she’s been helping me out with obtaining signatures on releases so subrogation can continue to proceed. She’s done it all with a positive attitude and approach – very comforting and refreshing during difficult times like this. Andrea is always smiling, always optimistic and always willing to help others whenever possible!”

Another nomination was from Marianne Kucinski, Business Development Supervisor who said, “Andrea has stepped in at the front desk and remained present in the office through all of the craziness over the last few weeks. She has literally been Fleet Response’s Front Lines! She not only maintained the front desk receiving packages and mail and answering operator calls, she also assisted several other departments but most notably, subrogation with printing and mailing and ensuring our business didn’t suffer delays because people were working off site and unable to come to the office.”

When asked what was her best day at work, Andrea replied, “ My best day at work is when I knew I had to step up during this global pandemic and our Executive Leadership team knew and trusted I could take on the additional needs.”

Something most people don’t know about Andrea is that while she does not have a cosmetology license, she has been cutting her own hair for over 20 years! When Andrea is not working, she likes to find the best travel destination deals and travel. She also loves going to watch plays at Playhouse Square.

Thank you for all your hard work Andrea! We truly appreciate you.