Raymond Rivera Receives Outstanding Performance Award for February

Fleet Response is proud to announce Raymond Rivera as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for February.

Working at Fleet Response since July of 2019, Raymond works as Call Center Representative. When talking with Raymond he knew immediately that when he started and was introduced to his coworkers and embraced in our family-like culture that our organization was the right one for him.

Raymond’s coworkers feel the same way about him. He received multiple nominations for this peer-nominated award. Regarded for being a team player who is helpful to all in his department, and always goes the extra mile. He is one of the Call Center’s Spanish speaking representatives, so in addition to taking calls in the call center, he also helps other departments translate customer communication as well.

One co-worker said, “Raymond is a top performer and treats each customer with respect and makes sure he gives them the proper and correct answer. I have seen him multiple times go the extra mile for drivers. He is a leader and is great at explaining things. His coworkers are always learning from him. He is someone who for sure deserves to be recognized for his hard work.”

Another nomination notes how he always maintains a calm composure. “Raymond always seems to get some of the most distraught and irate callers but always keeps a cool head and manages to calm them. He has a great sense of humor and can make anyone in any department feel better about whatever it is that they may be dealing with. I believe he is a true asset to our company.”

Several of his co-workers note that Raymond is consistent with going above and beyond not only for customers who call in but with helping them as well. “Ray is always willing to lend that helping hand and take that extra step whenever you need him,” said a fellow Call Center team member. He even starts his day by walking through his department and acknowledging all the people on his team.

When asking Raymond what his best day at Fleet Response has been to date, he noted the first time he was on a call assisting a client with an accident claim and was able to use all the training and knowledge he was taught leading up to that moment. With this knowledge, he was able to assist the caller with their needs and received a sincere thank you from the customer.

“I am most proud to work at Fleet Response because of my co-workers, the team environment, a great leader and owner of the company and the clarity of our mission statement fostering opportunity,” says Raymond.

One thing you might not know about Raymond is that he is partial Cuban and Puerto Rican. When he is not working, he enjoys being at home with his wife, Margarita, visiting and/or Face Timing with his 2 children and 2 grandchildren, and golfing.

Congratulations Raymond and thank you for all you do!