Micheal Schmidt Receives Outstanding Performance Award for January

Fleet Response is proud to announce Michael Schmidt as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for January.

Michael has been with Fleet Response since October of 2019 and works as a Maintenance Specialist.

While Michael has only been with Fleet Response for a short time, he has gone above and beyond and this dedication has been noticed by his peers who nominated him for this award. One of his colleagues said “Michael has demonstrated his commitment to client service and Fleet Response on multiple occasions in the short period of time he has been with the company. He has worked several roadside events for one of our clients, where if it was not for his ability to think outside the box these roadside events could have become a very unfavorable experience for the client.”

Michael is regarded for his attention to detail and his willingness and proactive mentality to help our customers. Another colleague said, “Michael is a team player, who goes the extra mile for our customers and that deserves to be recognized.”

After talking with Michael, he knew he made the right decision to work at Fleet Response after seeing the appreciation the company shows to their employees. He said, “I always feel nothing goes unnoticed working here and I always feel like a valued team member.” He feels his best day at work is any day he gets the satisfaction of helping our customers and clients. Michael says the reason he is most proud of working at Fleet Response is because of the pride, him and his team have when helping customers with roadside assistance or at the auto-body shops for repairs.

In his free time, Michael enjoys hunting and sport shooting, attending sporting events, watching NASCAR, playing video games, enjoying family time and playing with his dogs. Something you might not know about Michael is that he used to work in law enforcement and drove race cars.

Congratulations Michael and thank you for all you do!