In the excitement of Customer Service Week 2019, we wanted to focus on the customer experience here at Fleet Response. Fleet Response has grown to become the leader in custom designed claims and safety management services, offering the most efficient and cost-effective of outsourced solutions. As a company we strive to make the experience a customer has with us a priority and focus on delivering top-notch service. News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears, then good customer service experiences. Our goal at Fleet Response is to go above and beyond to provide premier customer service, operating efficiencies, and compliance for our clients and to fully support our company’s strategy.

We spent a few minutes with Julie Cravener, Fleet Response Call Center Manager, to better understand the Customer Experience. In her role, Julie oversees the operation of the call center team of 25 people. Her passion for customer service is shown in the way she coaches her team to share her commitment to an unforgettable customer experience, this is evident in the way she navigates her role. By taking an objective look at their everyday tasks and interaction, Julie and her team created the C.A.R.E.S system. Every call center employee is trained on the C.A.R.E.S system, and calls are audited to make sure the system is being used on every customer. The C.A.R.E.S system is implemented on every customer who calls in and is used as a greater way of seeing the customer which leads to a more positive customer experience

What is the C.A.R.E.S system?

C.A.R.E.S stands for communicating, accountability, responsiveness, empathy, and solution. Each of these tasks are used on our customers that come in thru our call center. In addition to the initial training our employees receive, calls are audited to make sure that this system is continued to be used by our call center reps on every call.

Communicating Communication is key in our process, letting the callers in a little bit to our world as they have no idea what it is that we do so we set expectations by letting them know what to expect through the call.

Accountability This is our responsibility for helping the caller and seeing the call through by making sure any problems are fixed or finding the answer to whatever they have questions for and not passing it off to someone else.

Responsiveness Making sure you’re hearing what they are saying and being attentive so we can handle their situation in a timely fashion
Empathy Acknowledge the impact the situation has on a caller and relating to their situation

Solution Making sure by the end of the call you have provided them with everything they need, answer all their questions, and making that call for them a one call resolution.

How do you define customer service, and why does it matter?

Customer service to me is the customer experience! Taking the time to hear what it is that they’re saying and what they need so you’re able to provide your expertise in assisting them to the fullest of your ability. One call resolution and making an impact to the point they remember the person they’re speaking to by name and not the company they work for. It matters because of the satisfaction at the end of the call knowing you were able to make an impact no matter how big or how small. Hearing someone genuinely thanking you for assisting them and because we as an individual cared about their needs and what they were going through.

Why do you think Fleet Response is different from others when providing customer service?

Fleet Response shows passion and drive for what it is that we do for not only our clients but also for the employees. It becomes contagious and makes you believe and want to drive that same passion through the work you do every day. The bottom line is that people at Fleet Response genuinely CARE. Whether we pick up a phone, send an email, or just in passing with our own peers the customer service is radiating. Fleet Response does not have a product to sell, what we sell every day is our customer service and the fact that we will go above and beyond for our clients, our drivers, and even our own employees says a lot about our company and our actions every day is what makes us stand out and makes us different from any others.

Fleet Response is always looking to expand our clientele far and wide, we want our drivers to feel the ultimate experience of people that care for them. A great customer experience can bring a lot of profitable benefits to our company and the clients we work with. Fleet Response may define our promise to our customer, but it’s our customer who decides whether we delivered on our promise.