Andrew Gould Named Outstanding Performance Award Winner for September

Andrew, Male Fleet Response Employee

Fleet Response is proud to announce Andrew Gould, Call Center Representative II, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for September 2018.

Andrew has a vast knowledge of Heavy Equipment Claims and he is very good and explaining to even senior reps on when to use what system for Heavy Equipment Claims. He is thoughtful, and he speaks and never has a negative thing to say no matter what is going on in the department.

Call Center Representative Kelly Medcalf stated, “he is always kind, and he works hard he is very helpful and he has really taken his training abilities to a new level with his patience and helping new reps get up and running in a reasonable time, he is courteous when wanting to take days off and he always is willing to stay an extra hour or two to make sure phones are covered.”

Lisa Grose, Sr. Call Center Representative, agrees with Kelly, “He always steps up to the plate to come in early or stay late, as needed. If I ever need to rely on someone to help with something, I know Andy is a go to person. He adds to our company’s culture with his positive attitude. I believe that he reflects what the employee of the month should represent.”

Congratulations Andrew and thank you for all you do!