Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback

Fleet Response understands the power of customer service feedback and actively uses it to increase employee morale, find coaching opportunities, and support our customer first culture.

After each repair, an email is sent to drivers and managers asking that they provide comments and rate our customer service. This provides a human connection between the work we do and the people that we serve.

VISIBILITY – Many comments include an employee’s name letting us know specifically how they helped; these invaluable comments are proudly displayed in our corporate lobby for all visitors and employees to read. When an employee sees their name mentioned in a review, this reaffirms their hard work did not go unnoticed. Receiving a comment card review with an employee’s name only reinforces the equation that happy employees equal happy clients.

ACCOUNTABILITY -Fleet Response reviews every comment and rating looking for opportunities to learn and improve. Just like positive reviews, negative reviews are also a part of any organization.  Jeff Fender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “Customer Service means listening to what issues may be and resolving them in a way that means success for all involved.”

If something is not correct, we will work until the issue is corrected and resolved, with a collaborative team effort. A negative customer review is the perfect opportunity to coach an employee of how to improve their skill set moving forward.

FLEXIBILITY – With our growth, Fleet Response continues to focus on the importance of people-first attitude. We work hard to empower our employees to make decisions in the best interest of our clients and become an extension of their team. Our Executive Leadership Team continues to stretch our people to grow their skills while remaining focused on maintaining our superior level of customer service that our clients have come to expect.