Fleet Response Employee 4

Fleet Response is proud to announce Lori Fleshman, Accounting Specialist, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for December 2017.

Lori has been with Fleet Response for over a year and has truly displayed dedication to both her fellow employees and clients.  Her friendly personality, willingness to assist those around her and exemplary customer service is respected by many.

Dawn Adams, Accounting Manager, expressed, “Lori spends a significant amount of time each week on a specific account for which there is a fair amount of volume.  Furthermore, she has also been training in two new areas of our department.  Lori is an important part of the accounting team.  She is eager to learn new tasks so that she can assist in more of our accounting functions and continue to grow in her role.”

Joanne Renner, Claims Representative, mentioned, “Lori is consistently pleasant and helpful when I need something from Accounting.  She always emails me to confirm when a payment has been made which makes my job easier! If I need payment information for a shop, she is prompt and efficient with her response.”

As a former small business owner, Lori has been able to utilize her extensive combination of accounting, purchasing, sales and marketing experience to bring value to both her department and Fleet Response as a whole.  Lori is happy to offer her acquired skills and especially enjoys providing customer service to our clients and vendors.  In Lori’s spare time, she enjoys flower gardening, home remodeling and spending time with her black Labrador.  Lori’s enthusiasm to assist both her clients and fellow employees is admirable.

Congratulations Lori and thank you for all you do!