Fleet Response Employee 5

Fleet Response is proud to announce Yamel Mota, Call Center Representative, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for October 2017.

Yamel has been with Fleet Response for over two years, and has utilized his time providing superior customer service and positively contributing to the work atmosphere with his comical sense of humor.   Yamel not only works hard to complete his day to day tasks but is also challenged with the task of assisting on Spanish speaking calls.  He recently went above and beyond by expressing interest in learning more about the company’s Safety program in an effort to streamline the process for Spanish callers in need of assistance.

Leah Byler, fellow Call Center Representative, says, “Yamel’s patience is phenomenal when it comes to assisting with the newer employees and helping the department out.”  Mary Sittnick, Sr. Claims Specialist, expressed, “Yamel has been very helpful in assisting with 3rd parties that are Spanish speaking only.  He always calls them promptly, gets the claim info I need and tries to get them routed to a network shop for an estimate and photos.  When I ask for help, he responds to my requests almost immediately.”  Stacie Ooten, Claims Representative agrees with Mary, stating “Yamel is always willing to help when we need assistance in reaching Spanish speaking callers.  If he is on the phone or at lunch, he always gets back to us quickly to assist.”

Yamel has proven to be an asset to Fleet Response with his willingness to assist his fellow employees and commitment to assisting with client needs.

Congratulations Yamel, and thank you for all you do!