Fleet Response Employee 6

Fleet Response is proud to announce Jeff Rogers, Heavy Equipment Recovery Specialist, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for September 2017.

Jeff has been with Fleet Response for just over two years, and during this time has shown a tremendous impact toward both the work and personal environment of the company.  Prior to working in the Subrogation department at Fleet Response, Jeff previously worked as a Special Investigations Unit Specialist handling potentially fraudulent claims.  Jeff has utilized his prior experience to excel within his role as a heavy Equipment Recovery Specialist here at Fleet Response.

Andrea Janowski, Executive Assistant, stated, “He has a positive attitude on a daily basis, he always walks throughout his department and says good morning and good night to everyone, and does additional little things like coordinating Subro food day every month and spending a PTO day preparing food for the department.”  James Moyer, fellow Heavy Equipment Recovery Specialist, mentioned, “He has set a recovery record for Heavy Equipment, and he has worked extremely diligently and put in a lot of effort to bring Heavy Equipment to the forefront.”

Within Jeff’s two years at Fleet Response, he has proven to be an asset to the company with his hard work and gracious attitude toward his fellow employees. In his personal time, Jeff enjoys cooking, watching horror movies, and playing softball.

Congratulations Jeff, and thank you for all you do!