Ron Mawaka Sr. is a Finalist to be Nominated to the Fleet Hall of Fame!

Fleet Response CEO

Fleet Response is pleased to announce that Ron Mawaka Sr., our founder, is a finalist to be nominated to the Fleet Hall of Fame!

Ron Mawaka Sr. founded Rental Concepts, Inc. in February of 1986. Originally, the company’s sole focus was to provide temporary cars, trucks, and specialty vehicles to fleets nationwide. Ron’s vision was to create a centralized service for fleet managers to eliminate unnecessary insurance requirements, invoices, and multiple vendors. Because of Ron’s dedication to exceptional customer service and providing custom solutions, his vision has become Fleet Response. Today, Fleet Response provides accident and maintenance management, subrogation, safety solutions, as well as rental replacement programs. With its roots in the insurance industry, Fleet Response continues to grow based on Ron’s founding principles of elite customer service and customized solutions.

Ron’s sons, Scott and Ron Jr., continue his work at Fleet Response and are dedicated to maintaining the values that Ron instilled in the company more than thirty years ago. Annually, Fleet Response employees are presented with the Ron & Fran Mawaka Employee of the Year Awards to recognize their personal achievements. In January 2017, Ron sold his majority shares to his son, Scott Mawaka, thus ensuring that Fleet Response remains a privately-held, family run business.

We at Fleet Response would very much appreciate if you voted for Ron Mawaka Sr. Voting closes August 7th. Click HERE to fill out a ballot!