Fleet Response Employee 8

Fleet Response is proud to announce Britney Jurchenko, Business Development Coordinator II, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner for June 2017.

Britney has been with Fleet Response for over 2 years.  During this time, Britney has demonstrated an extreme willingness to assist others and thoroughly explain processes to her fellow employees.

Andrea Hughes, fellow DHP Administrator, expressed, “The new Delivery Contractors site is up and running and Britney played an integral role in this project from start to finish.”  Jerry Veres, Safety Program Coordinator, applauded Britney by saying, “Britney is a true team player and a great example of operating within the shared vision and strategic goals between multiple departments; Sales, IT and Business Development.  She has spearheaded the development and successful implementation of the new delivery contractor e-commerce website.  Her Marketing background has enabled her to develop materials to promote the website and our product lineup.  Her greatest asset is her interaction with internal and external customers who enjoy working with her.”  Grace Bradac, Office Coordinator, stated, “She (Britney) is always willing to take the time to sit down with me and explain why we do things a certain way and where I can find things that will help me solve a problem in the future.”

It is no doubt that Britney has displayed a true commitment to assist others and exhibits an ability to go above and beyond to get the job done.  Fleet Response is pleased to acknowledge Britney for her commitment and dedication to the company.

Congratulations Britney, and thank you for all you do!