Angela has been with Fleet Response for one year and has quickly become a genuine asset to Fleet Response and the Business Development team.

“Angela has successfully executed a number of internal events over the past few months while her other work has continued to stay at a high level,” said Kari Hagan, Manager of Business Development. “The volume of work she is doing is impressive, and on top of that, she is still there to help out as needed with other things and receives compliments from her peers”.

“Angela is always willing to help anyone with anything and is such a team player,” Grace Bradac, Business Development Coordinator, added about Angela.

Jocelyn Davidson, Outside Agency Liaison, agrees that Angela deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work. “She did a great job in organizing the activities during Fleet Response’s 30th Anniversary week and always has a positive attitude.”

Fleet Response is thankful for having Angela on our team and we are excited to recognize her for all of her hard work.

Thanks, Angela, for all you do!