Case Study: Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States, with about 2,000 stores and online sales serving a niche market of farmers, horse owners, ranchers, part-time and hobby farmers, and suburban and rural homeowners, as well as contractors and tradesmen.

The company continues to expand its capabilities for product delivery to customers. They made the decision to partner with Fleet Response on fleet management and first party damage claims. The process has been seamless, with drivers simply making a call to Fleet Response to arrange the repair and schedule a rental vehicle if needed.

For Tractor Supply, the value has been in the cost savings – because Fleet Response doesn’t charge a fee to handle a claim if a vehicle is repaired at a Fleet Response in-network body shop. That’s especially important as the Tractor Supply delivery fleet expands.

Another value is in the Fleet Response reimbursement program, with a Tractor Supply escrow account set up to seamlessly pay claims and reimburse drivers. Fleet Response sends an email to drivers with instructions on completing insurance verification – and automated notifications can be sent to corporate and drivers for any non-compliant drivers.

When Fleet Response proved to be a valuable partner, Tractor Supply transitioned their motor vehicle records process to the company as well, as part of a continual effort to ensure they place safe drivers on the road.

“At Tractor Supply, the biggest value we see with Fleet Response is the assurance that once a claim is reported, they’ll handle it. They deliver what they say they’ll deliver. It’s been a time savings for us because we don’t need to touch a claim at all. It’s definitely a cost-savings compared to our previous third-party administrator. And I’ve never heard a complaint from a single driver who’s had an accident – so that’s a big plus for me. They even made the implementation process easy. It was a flawless roll-out.

Fleet Response is a great partner. Everything we’ve asked them to do, the response has been, ‘Yes, no problem.’ Their client services are top notch and I’m extremely happy with them.”- Jason Keen, Corporate Claims Manager, Tractor Supply Company